Death's Dream Kingdom

Jessica Antilles and her crew, aboard the sentient vessel Grayvolken, have been tasked with finding a new home for their dying planet. But the creature on board with them has other plans.

All four issues have been completed and funded on Kickstarter. Please contact us to order your own copy of our 200 page trade paperback.

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Welcome to nerd2third creative

We're a new publishing group, that specializes in comics and graphic novels. Our mission is to guide you through our imaginations, while showcasing top talent and epic stories that can in turn, inspire you. Whitaker Knox is our first book, and we're super proud of what we've put together. We hope you choose to take this journey with Knox. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Right now we are a two man crew. My name's Randall, and I'm the writer and resident designer for Nerd2Third Creative. Our name comes from two different things. I was part of a trio of friends from college, and that was a name we used when we went through art school together. But it also takes on another meaning because my initials are 'RRR' - Nerd to the Third Power.

meet the team


I'm a web designer, living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm married with 3 kids and quite a few pets. When I was young, I wanted to be a comic illustrator, but my path took a different turn, so writing became my passion. I've been crafting quite a few concepts and stories over the years, and Whitaker Knox is the first of the bunch.


Silvio is a fantastic artist, with a solid background in comics. He produces each page digitally, and I'm in awe of his talent. Silvio lives in Recife, Brazil and has been in the comic industry for quite some time, having worked with Bluewater Prod, Image Comics, Gov't Comics, Immortal Comics and several more.

Whitaker Knox's story

Detective Whitaker Knox is a lost soul, living in the not so distant future, where magic is a reality. Knox considers himself a low level necromancer, and he uses that curse to visit the recently departed to solve their murders. It's a way of piecing his life back together, and after a recent tragedy, he's more determined than ever to fix his fractured past.

His colleague and partner, James Summers pulls Knox into an unusual crime scene. Five mutilated bodies have been found in a hollowed out apartment, that may not be part of this reality. When they discover one of the victims is actually Knox, he feels he has no choice but to visit his own death.

That decision begins a series of events that will eventually lead Knox back to his death in that otherworldly apartment, unless something or someone can stop the future.


In book two, Knox finds his life shattered, as the horrors of the unknown haunt his every waking moment. The creeping evil from book one is always there, hiding in the darkness. Does the mysterious woman named Kay hold the answers to rebuilding what he's lost, or will she bring about the end of everything?

The Dream kingdom story

The planet of Raah suffered through a global war against a horrific race called The Threxas. They attacked from within first - stealing the planets energy and its people’s dreams, leaving their victims with nightmares. As the planet’s population grew weak and insane, the Threxas swarmed the world like a plague and decimated cities, continents, and ecosystems.

The war was fought for years and after the planet fell into darkness, Raah found a way to overload the Threxas, nearly eradicating their entire race.

Now, Captain Jessica Antilles and her crew have been tasked with finding a new home for their people. They pilot their last sentient vessel, named Grayvolken, and travel through dimensions searching for hope. Onboard with them is one Threxas creature, powering their journey.

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Whitaker Knox is Hellboy meets John Constantine meets Lovecraft P.I. It’s a gritty tale with darkness hanging over it, told in a way that really draws you in. I was disappointed when I came to the end and wanted a few more pages!

Brett - indie comicx dispatch

Great first issue. It drew me in and didn't let go. Love the concept, the execution and the art. I look forward to collecting the entire story so I can work with these great creators.

wes - dabel brothers publishing

I highly recommend this if you're an indie comics fan, especially if you're a horror and science fiction fan. It's better than some of the books I'm seeing from Dark Horse and Image Comics right now.

Keith - Indie comics relay

This is the beginning of a fascinating series of comic books. Its cliffhanger leaves the reader anxious for issue #2, and the artwork is beautifully horrifying. Fans of horror comics will love this piece, and will eagerly grab subsequent issues. It’ll be thrilling to see what Knox does next.

Rebecca - roundabout editing